Customer Service Rules

Customer service Rules and Regulations

1.    To open up a new account the following requirements must be met:

·         Must be 19 years old or older

·         Picture ID is required

·         Verification of residence (name, address & move in date)

·         Deposit

·         Social Security Number

2.     If the customer has an outstanding balance due, this amount must be paid along with the deposit for new service before water can be turned on at the new address.

3.     A payment agreement is offered to the customers with plumbing problems that can not pay their

bills in full, 25% of the balance is required prior to enter into the agreement. The current bill

plus the pay agreement amount will be due each month.

4.   Any customers who, within 30 days of a billing due date, has a water bill that is at least three(3)  times higher than the four(4) month average of the preceding bills, is eligible for a sewer adjustment if the customer presents satisfactory evidence(visual inspection by a board personnel or photographs and a paid repair bill from a licensed plumber or a verified statement from a repairperson) that there was a mechanical plumbing problem or breakage in the water line and that the water line has been repaired.

5.    The meter will be locked when an account becomes 90 days pass due.

6.    The meter will be pulled if the lock is broken or illegal usage of water.